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Types of wood and laminate with floor Sanding

The   floor Sanding  are highly resistant and durable;  therefore, they are a great option to build and decorate any type of home.  This material offers warmth and elegance to spaces, not to mention perfect for keeping the environment warm and temperate. For a long time, wood has been   one of the most used materials to decorate   thanks to its texture, composition, pattern and color range, allowing it to satisfy a wide variety of styles, pockets and needs, and can even be installed in bathrooms and outdoors without the risk of suffering moisture damage. There are different    types of wooden floors    that can be used both indoors and outdoors, among which we find laminate flooring, which is one of the most popular in its segment . Laminate flooring These floors can be used for coatings in shops with little influx of people and residential interiors.  It is a material resistant to wear, fading and staining.  Its main advantage is that it offers all the benefits of wood and the high re

Bathroom reform using tiling

In this post I want to show you the bathroom reform in Palma that we have carried out, it is a change of bathtub for a shower tray with a screen with fixed transparent glass, the elimination of the bidet, the change of the toilet and the sink and the tiling and tiling. If you are reading all this perhaps it is because you are thinking of making a reform in your bathroom, we will be happy to make a free and no-obligation quote, you just have to contact us and we organize a visit to your home to personalize your budget. Previous State Of The Bath : The first thing we did was to demolish the toilets and tiling , although sometimes new tiles can be placed on top of old ones, as a general rule we recommend removing them. In the budget we always include the management of the rubble, taking it to the point of reuse of construction waste located in Son Reus. Wall Preparation : Once the tiles have been removed, the support must be prepared to place the new tiling and the shower tra

The Quality Of The Roof Restoration

Roofing materials are constantly tested by weather conditions - sun, rainfall (including aggressive acid rain) and the temperature that changes with the seasons (up to +60 degrees C in summer, down to -30 degrees C in winter). Coverings made of  coated steel sheets,  both profiled and flat,  are particularly sensitive to their effect  .  They deform under the influence of temperature differences - then small cracks appear on the surface, which can corrode over time.  The speed of this is determined by the quality of the sheet, and more precisely - the thickness of its steel core and the type of protective coatings, which at the same time give the coating a color.  Fortunately, the roof plate can be renewed.  You just need to know how to do it. It is not easy to decide on a new coating color. Roof restoration   Although there are many possibilities, it is better not to experiment and choose shades of paints from the palette traditionally used for painting coatings - green, brown,

The engagement ring: proof of love

For the bride, in addition to the wedding rings, there is another very important ring.  The engagement ring  .  He is the one who receives when the boyfriend shows his love, asking him to become his future wife. It is interesting to know that the first  engagement ring  dates back to Roman times and its symbolism is that of a figure without beginning or end that symbolizes union and eternal love. The Romans gave an  anulus pronubus  , an iron band that was given by the groom to the bride to seal the commitment between them, For their part, the Egyptians gave rings to their women as a sign of confidence that they would be good wives and housewives. In ancient Egypt,  the engagement ring facebook  was worn on the left ring finger  , which meant that the woman's heart belonged to the person who gave her the ring. This is because of the idea that a vein passes through this finger and is directly connected to the heart. The tradition of handing over a diamond ring begins in 1477