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The engagement ring: proof of love

For the bride, in addition to the wedding rings, there is another very important ring. The engagement ring . He is the one who receives when the boyfriend shows his love, asking him to become his future wife.It is interesting to know that the first engagement ring dates back to Roman times and its symbolism is that of a figure without beginning or end that symbolizes union and eternal love.

The Romans gave an anulus pronubus , an iron band that was given by the groom to the bride to seal the commitment between them,For their part, the Egyptians gave rings to their women as a sign of confidence that they would be good wives and housewives.

In ancient Egypt, the engagement ring facebook was worn on the left ring finger , which meant that the woman's heart belonged to the person who gave her the ring.This is because of the idea that a vein passes through this finger and is directly connected to the heart.

The tradition of handing over a diamond ring begins in 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg gave a engagement ring to his future wife, Mary of Burgundy.The solitaire diamond ring reflects the groom's endless and pure love and the bride's purity and innocence.When making a declaration of love, the diamond is 'the most' because they say that diamonds are forever, that's why it is the perfect symbol of love between a wedding couple, a symbol of strong and true love


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