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The Quality Of The Roof Restoration

Roofing materials are constantly tested by weather conditions - sun, rainfall (including aggressive acid rain) and the temperature that changes with the seasons (up to +60 degrees C in summer, down to -30 degrees C in winter).
Roofing materials are constantly tested by weather conditions - sun, rainfall (including aggressive acid rain) and the temperature that ch.

Coverings made of coated steel sheets, both profiled and flat, are particularly sensitive to their effect They deform under the influence of temperature differences - then small cracks appear on the surface, which can corrode over time. The speed of this is determined by the quality of the sheet, and more precisely - the thickness of its steel core and the type of protective coatings, which at the same time give the coating a color. Fortunately, the roof plate can be renewed. You just need to know how to do it.It is not easy to decide on a new coating color.Roof restoration Although there are many possibilities, it is better not to experiment and choose shades of paints from the palette traditionally used for painting coatings - green, brown, red. A yellow or blue roof will certainly stand out among others, but not necessarily favorably.

Why is the sheet metal damaged

Coated Roof restoration sheets from reputable manufacturers usually retain their durability for 10-20 years. The quality of the roofing sheet is of utmost importance. Optimal protection against corrosion is provided by a zinc coating thickness of at least 20 microns on each side (which gives us a weight of 275 g / m2).
- The color change : called chalking by experts, is the result of UV radiation. How quickly the coating will lose color depends on the protective coating. The polyurethane coating is more durable in this respect.
- Rust : occurs when the protective coating is damaged. The most common reason for this is cutting the sheet metal with an angle grinder, the use of which is inadvisable. The cause may also be cuttings and filings formed during cutting the sheet metal and not removed after the assembly is completed. The reason for scratching may also be a branch of a tree growing near the house or animals (birds, martens), for which access to the roof is not a big problem. Roof restoration Destroying the sheet cover also speeds up walking on it in shoes with a hard sole. This way it is easy to distort the coverage profile or scratch a fairly thin coating. If it is necessary to climb to the roof, then only in soft shoes.
Roofing materials are constantly tested by weather conditions - sun, rainfall (including aggressive acid rain) and the temperature that ch.

- Peeling of the paint : is a defect of the material - the result of improperly applied paint. This process cannot be stopped. Subject to complaint and replacement of the cover at the manufacturer.
Properly arranged sheet metal cover in the first years of use should not cause any serious problems. Rain washes away most of the dirt. However, it is worth checking the roof regularly from the very beginning, at least twice a year (in spring and before winter). Although you can do it yourself (but you have to be secured against falling), it is better to commission this work to a roofing company, especially when the restoration is new and still under warranty. A more thorough roof inspection should be carried out every five years.
Before the inspection, the roof surface must be washed. In principle, rinsing with a pressurized water jet (up to 50 bar) should be sufficient. Larger dirt and moss can be removed with a specially selected agent for coated surfaces. Do the same with persistent stains. Additionally, they can be washed with white alcohol. For this purpose, you should not use aggressive detergents and chemicals that are not intended for Roof restoration care - they can damage it and change the color of the coating.


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