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Types of wood and laminate with floor Sanding

The  floor Sanding are highly resistant and durable; therefore, they are a great option to build and decorate any type of home. This material offers warmth and elegance to spaces, not to mention perfect for keeping the environment warm and temperate.For a long time, wood has been  one of the most used materials to decorate  thanks to its texture, composition, pattern and color range, allowing it to satisfy a wide variety of styles, pockets and needs, and can even be installed in bathrooms and outdoors without the risk of suffering moisture damage.There are different  types of wooden floors  that can be used both indoors and outdoors, among which we find laminate flooring, which is one of the most popular in its segment

The   floor Sanding  are highly resistant and durable;  therefore, they are a great option to build and decorate any type of home.

Laminate flooring

These floors can be used for coatings in shops with little influx of people and residential interiors. It is a material resistant to wear, fading and staining. Its main advantage is that it offers all the benefits of wood and the high resistance of laminate, so that you obtain a safe, comfortable and elegant product.It should be noted that laminate floors are not completely made of wood, their composition starts from various pressure-compressed materials. Most of them have three layers; the first is resistant to humidity, the second is made of fiberglass and the third and last provides the appearance of floor Sanding

Wood flooring types


Also known as Mexican walnut, this type of wood is extremely hard and heavy, making it highly  resistant to the passage of time . Its heartwood is shiny and lustrous, a brown color with reddish and blurred lines. The surface may have brown and brown colors. Fine textured, it takes on a natural polished appearance once finished and can be used for interiors, exteriors,  decking  and floors. It has a durability of ten years  regardless of the environment to which it is exposed.


The coumaru or almond tree is a hardwood cultivated in South America, specifically in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Nicaragua.This wood is  reliable for high quality floor Sanding , whether interior or exterior, as well as in pergolas, decorative for exteriors and other uses, in addition to being a material widely used by the furniture industry. With a beautiful golden hue, dark reddish and brown pigments, its surface undoubtedly draws the gaze of anyone who can see it.


It is a heavy and hard wood that must be worked with tools provided with tungsten carbide pads. Despite its durability, it is fine and famous for its competitive price. It can be used both in stave and to make furniture and interior finishes. It has  straight veins with uneven and thick textures  . From brown heartwood to light reddish brown, it is perfect for indoors.

The   floor Sanding  are highly resistant and durable;  therefore, they are a great option to build and decorate any type of home.


Maple wood, also known as maple, is  one of the most versatile on the market  thanks to its quality and the color it has. It is an economic wood according to the place where it is found, although there are species with significantly higher costs.The color of the maple is almost white, while the heartwood reaches reddish and dark brown. It does not usually present physical defects , not to mention that it has great resistance to shocks and wear and tear, so much so that it is usually used for the manufacture of hand tools.


It is one of the most common types, highly prized for interior floors due to its great finish, ease of treatment and aesthetic properties. Its color, between dark brown and reddish, makes it unique and unmistakable. However,  its hue may vary  depending on the species to which it belongs, of which floor Sanding are 20 different ones.Among other uses, we find the manufacture of cabinets, furniture, architectural interiors and many more.

Pine tree

This type of floor is  ideal for outdoors  thanks to its resistance to humidity, insects and fungi, as well as chemical products. As it is an extremely abundant wood in the world, its cost is affordable.


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