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Maintenance Of Motorbike Spares Your Bike In Winter

We already motorbike spares know that climate changes affect our car, so depending on the season we are in, we must take different care for its proper functioning.

Next we will give you some motorbike spares tips for maintaining your car for this time of year.

motorbike spares

Tips for motorbike spares maintaining your bike in winter:

  1. Carrying out proper maintenance is very important since the cold has a negative effect on the car.
  2. The most important thing is to ensure that the car is stored in a garage, parking, or covered place to protect it from the cold.
  3. Check the antifreeze fluid and also the oil so that the engine does not suffer when starting.
  4. Be careful with the motorbike spares tires in snowy areas, always carry chains in the car. There are also winter tires in which it is advisable to use them in some mountain areas.
  5. Use products for car maintenance, see that our parts inside the engine are not rusted since the cold can split them.
  6. The lighting, you have to check the car lights and to avoid problems you should drive with the low beam lights constantly on Check replacement bulbs, check fog lights.
  7. Check the windshield wipers, so that when we drive in rain or snow we have good visibility. Pour special soapy liquid for the windshield washer and prevent that water from freezing.
  8. Windshield Maintenance, you have to try to keep them as clean as possible for a good vision and that the water slips.
  9. State of the battery, with vehicle the cold and if they are low in level is a critical element for the cold.
  10. Equipment inside the vehicle in case we are not caught in a rain or snow storm

motorbike spares

Blanket, gloves, flashlight, chains, spare bulbs ...

The arrival of winter motorbike spares means, as we all know, a significant drop in temperatures, especially during the nights and early mornings, in which frosts are very normal. The ones that mean that if our vehicle remains out in the open during those colder hours the front glass can freeze and when we go to pick it up in the morning we do not have enough visibility.

To eliminate it without wasting more time than necessary and prevent our vehicle from suffering any damage, we are going to show you the main tips so that you know how to remove ice from the windshield.


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