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Plumbing newcastle Results Test

plumbing newcastle

You can keep your costs down, Plumbing newcastle reach markets quickly, and get support for your testing and certification needs. Thanks to our global network of hygiene laboratories, we can offer you faster, more cost-effective solutions to meet your greatest challenges. From tubs and sinks to tapes and drains, we have the knowledge to get you what you need.

Newcastle Energy Commission
Perform an installation evaluation to ensure that your products operate in accordance with the CEC-400 Equipment Efficiency Guidelines. With approved testing laboratories appropriately located in the U.S. and Canada, you can achieve compliance and reach your target market quickly and efficiently.

Low lead requirement
With changes to both U.S. and Plumbing newcastle codes, there is a growing need for test plumbing components for low lead compatibility. EUROLAB can help with NSF372 (<372% lead content) in addition to NSF0.25 by providing testing.

Evaluate the water efficiency and saving features for toilets, bathroom sinks and decorations, urinals and shower heads. As an EPA-licensed certification body, we can verify that your products meet the WaterSense product specifications required to carry their labels.

the Certifiers
Use the UPC token listed by ETL to identify and identify the specifications required for suitability for your installation results. The ETL Mark is the fastest growing security certification in Plumbing newcastle and is featured in millions of products sold daily by major vendors and distributors.


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