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Printing Services In Newcastle

Provision of printing services is a publishing activity for the production of printed products. Today, the existence of civilisation can no longer be imagined without printed materials, and, therefore, without printing services.

printing services

Printing Services

Printing services are provided for more profitable interaction with potential and existing customers, familiarizing them with this or that information, which entails interest and, as a result, an increase in profits, the popularity of a product or service.

  • Democratic cost;
  • The ability to present information in a capacious, meaningful context;
  • Convenience of information delivery;
  • Long time of contact with the target audience;
  • Division of products into categories for different types of business.
Printing products are divided into several categories:

1. Advertising, these are leaflets , booklets, posters, brochures, posters. Serve to convey brief information about the product and attract the attention of consumers;

2. Multi-page, these are catalogs, reference books, magazines, newspapers, brochures. Serve for detailed acquaintance with the product, assortment, have detailed descriptions and images;
3. Image, these are envelopes, letterheads, questionnaires, calendars, brochures, business cards, books, diaries printed with the company logo. Serve to create the image, "face", style of the company. They are aimed not so much at direct consumers as at popularization and recognition;
4. Material, these are stickers, tags, tags, labels. Serve to remind consumers about the brand, product, service.
Types of printing technologies for printed products:

printing services

1. Digital printing, the most popular and affordable method of printing, its main advantage is its low price, the disadvantage in the complexity of large volumes;
2. Offset printing , is used to replicate full-color printing products in a short time in various runs. This is how booklets, leaflets, books are produced;
3. Large format printing, produced on large format plotters. It is used for replicating large-sized printed products, banners, posters, posters;
4. Silk-screen printing, screen printing, allows you to apply an image on packaging material, bags made of polyethylene, paper;
5. Embossing is the application of an image to a surface using a heated cliche.
Printing is key to promoting a business. Printing advertising, informational, image, business printing directly affects the popularity of a product, company, brand. The quality of printing services influences consumer opinion. Therefore, the better the services of the printing house, the more effective the result from them.


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