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Roof Restoration At home Plus Their Maintenance

Although we do not want and adopt good maintenance practices, the passage of time affects the different aspects of the construction, and the elements that face the exterior such as the facades and roofs, are the most punished. In the long run, we will have to practice the Roof Restoration on a roof or deck, even if it is a specific point and a minimal action, but we will have to get down to work.The problems that can appear on the roofs and roofs of housing buildings require a quick and effective solution with an added problem.

Types of roofs and how they are built

Determining the type of roof on which we are going to work in the Roof Restoration and how it is built is an essential point to treat pathologies in construction .In this sense, we will rely on a documentation from the Valencian Building Institute (IVE) that houses 10 informative documents; 3 on sloped roofs and 7 on flat roofs. Each document is structured:

Identification section of the element and componentsIndications that must be followed when constructing each of the components of the roof or roof.Health and safety measures that must be taken into account during the installation of the element.

If we want to see more information, from the article on the types of constructions and their technical solutions we will find more details but referred by periods and times. And in the case of a more complex Roof Restoration from a landscaped perspective, we can consult the article on landscaped roofs where you will find several valuable manuals and technical documentation.

The appearance of humidity inside the roof of the house can come from different anomalies that it is convenient to identify correctly in order to be able to effectively attack the root of the disease, being able to completely remove the failure.

But apart from the humidity, the simple passage of the years can also be a reason why the roof of the house requires a restoration. Structural wooden elements can lose strength over the years due to lack of maintenance, the presence of insects that reduce their section, are some of the problems that can arise in constructions that have already existed for years. 

Moisture on roofs

First, to be clear about what we are talking about in a schematic way and to be able to see what they are like and where they appear, possible causes, considerations and how it can be prevented. We provide a very useful scheme At this point, we must remember that we must act quickly on the types of moisture on the roofs of tile and flat because of its negative consequences, and should be treated consistently as well discussed in the portal  that way Summary to the problems of humidity, damping or steam are:

Humidity due to condensation: If we speak from the perspective of attics or indoors, it will affect the interior finishes. The main problem is the absence of insulation or improper installation of the same, with ventilation playing a fundamental role. The interior temperature of the premises must be increased so that the dew temperature is not reached (with the placement of thermal insulation on the Roof Restoration) or by lowering the pressure of the water vapor, which is simply ventilating the premises.

Capillary humidity at the meeting between the open terrace and the home or structure wall: In principle, this is due to a failure in the installation of the waterproofing materials, causing the water to leak by capillary action from the walls (Moisture rises) and leaks appear.Moisture due to accident or leakage: These are injuries normally caused by accident or due to their age, they are usually the breakage of the tiles.

When injuries are detected, they should never be repaired by bending the pavement. The existing pavement should be lifted and the repair of the problems begin. Then we add, we will see the procedures and videos explaining processes and technical solutions.


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