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tips for choosing a good accounting consultancy

When assuming management responsibility for the company's fiscal, tax, accounting and labor areas, the accounting consultancy starts to function as a complement for businessmen. In this sense, it can even contribute to the growth of the business, providing the necessary information so that the best financial decision is made in a timely manner. However, the role of accountants is not limited to that. They are able to help entrepreneurs develop planning and set short and long term goals. In addition, it also guarantees the security of the company's financial situation and allows it to manage its resources and assets in an appropriate manner. It's no small feat, do you agree? Therefore, you need to choose an accounting consultancy that meets the needs of your business.

Usually large companies have their own structure, while small and medium-sized ones usually outsource the service, due to the reduced cost. For smaller companies, the search for an accounting consultancy starts early, right at the moment of opening. However, this is not always a simple task. Check out the tips we've separated to help you through the selection process. 
There are several fields in which accountants operate. Therefore, an accounting firm may have experience in taxation, which is not useful for those looking for help on auditing, for example. A real estate agency is not the same as an advertising agency or restaurant. Each sector has its peculiarities. Therefore, you need a consultant who knows the pros and cons of what is your company's field of action. That way, you save time and money, especially in the tax field. And remember that the advisor is at the service of the client and not the other way around. 

The Regional Accounting Council (CRC) does not regulate hourly rates that must be charged. So ask for quotes and compare the cost-benefit. After all, each accounting consultancy applies the amount it deems relevant to its services. Compare what each consultancy proposes to offer and request references from companies served in your industry.

Ask for suggestions from friends, colleagues, family. If they have a business similar to yours, even better. Try to understand how they relate to the accounting and if he can be a good candidate for your venture. By doing a simple search on the internet, you can also find lots of useful information. In short, look for well-evaluated consultancies.
To exercise the role of accountant, you must have the CRC record active. Consult this body to confirm those responsible, as well as the regularity of registration. Also check with the accounting Service Companies Union (Sescon) to find out if the office is an affiliate. After all, these professionals will have access to confidential information about their assets and need to be able to perform the function. 

Analyze if the consultancies that are on your radar are proactive and are looking for information and advantages for your enterprise. More important than solving problems, is to avoid them. That is, look for professionals who strive to predict situations and avoid headaches. From this point of view, determine what is the best way to carry out communication and exchange information. See if the consultancy uses technological tools to optimize bureaucratic processes. If you have a counselor who takes good care of all of these points, it is possible to save time and give due attention to your business.


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