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Care at the time of moving ensures better durability of furniture movers  and better appearance of objects in the new home.At the time of the move, the excitement about the new home is mixed with the worry and laziness to fix everything for the new home. Calm! This feeling is normal and with a little organization you will not risk damaging your furniture and personal effects during this process.

How to organize furniture when moving?

Although laborious, the moment of change is also very pleasant, because it allows you to plan the new house, decorate, think about the details, change what you don't like, among other steps.

But for this moment to keep this joy, some tips are important since delays, breaks, damages and losses can put all this satisfaction at risk. Check out what steps to take when moving to ensure a more organized and satisfactory process.


The first phase is the planning phase, considering all the elements that can be thought and necessary during the change.

It is important to remember that moving to a new address starts with choosing a serious and responsible company to do the transportation. In addition to having the right vehicle, it is guaranteed that there will be professionals able to help load and unload the objects.Check that the used vehicle is large enough for just one trip, that it is clean and able to carry a heavy load.

It is also important to assess whether it will be necessary to hire a professional to dismantle and assemble the furniture movers and whether his schedule is compatible with that of the move, so as not to delay processes, but also not to leave the objects dismantled for a long period before or after.

If necessary, make the contract beforehand, inform the furniture that will be dismantled and evaluate the time that will be necessary for this step.

Planning for the move also includes what will be left behind, devoting only to conserving what will actually accompany you in the new home.

Buy in advance all the items needed for the move so you don't have to chase them at the last minute, like cardboard boxes of various sizes, bubble wrap, fabrics, Styrofoam, tape, cannons, among other useful items to pack, close, protect and identify.


With the planning up to date and no pending issues that would hinder the plans for the move, it is time to clean all the items, as nothing worse than arriving at the new house with several dirty objects.

Clean wooden furniture movers with a damp cloth and suitable protection products to help prevent excessive dust accumulation. In some cases, the move may take days to arrive at the destination, and dirt can impair the conservation of objects on the way.


To protect objects, apply wax to wooden furniture before moving. This product guarantees the protection of the furniture and provides an extra shine and layer, which helps to avoid scratches that could be caused during transport and keeps the furniture clean. This step ensures that the furniture movers is better preserved during the time of transport and storage until it can be unloaded and opened in the new residence.


With all the necessary resources for protecting furniture, pay close attention to the packaging step. Prefer to use fabric to wrap furniture, they are more delicate and offer protection as much as plastic.

If you consider it necessary, it is also possible to pack them with fabric and then with bubble wrap, so that this material does not come into direct contact with the furniture. After completely covering the object, tie the package with a rope.

Despite the packaging, ask the team responsible for the change to be careful with the parts and, if necessary, make a "fragile" marking on those that are more delicate and that require more careful handling.


In the new house, it will not always be possible to unpack all furniture and personal objects on the first day, and it is common to postpone some steps.If the assembly of the furniture is going to take a few days after the move in the new house, keep them in the packaging, this ensures that they remain protected and are not vulnerable to falls and dust.

Still, it is essential to pay attention to the place where the furniture movers, even when packed, will be stored until assembly. The ideal is for the environment to be ventilated, ensuring that there is no exaggerated exposure to either the sun or humidity.

Also check, even before the change, for the presence of insects in the place, such as termites that can damage wooden furniture. These precautions are very important so that the move does not cause damage and it is necessary to change the furniture afterwards.

It is important that even non-wooden furniture movers is stored in appropriate places until they are sent to the correct place in the new home, such as tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs and others. If you are unsure about how to start the organization in the new home, choose to prepare one room at a time.

For example, leave the eames chairs , armchair, sofa, coffee table, rugs and other similar objects in the living room environment. Do this with every room in the house and ensure better organization and conservation of your furniture


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