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The craze of wedding preparations means that the bride and groom have a lot of responsibilities on their heads, and thus a lot of stress. For this reason, it is good to decide to buy wedding ring in advance, so that this really important purchase is not associated only with nerves and haste. It is not worth to rush, and prepare for it calmly and solidly. Why? In order to avoid problems that may be related to the receipt of wedding rings or changing their size. Choose a day when you have no plans, and think together about your decision to make the best choice for you. On-line stores have a very rich offer, they are more flexible and they present new products faster, so we recommend buying them in this form if you value convenience, saving time - and money.

The type of metal and its test

It might seem obvious that wedding rings are always made of gold. The reality, however, is different. Couples can choose the type of metal that best meets their expectations. In fact, gold wedding ring are the most popular, durable and versatile. You can easily choose the color you like - yellow, white or red. The most common gold fineness is 0.585 - it's the optimal combination of quality, color and price.

If we have a higher budget, it is worth considering buying wedding rings made of 18 carat gold, i.e. with a higher fineness - 0.750. We have a higher content of pure gold in the alloy here, which will increase the value and prestige of your wedding rings. In a women's wedding ring, you can additionally set precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Such a choice will beautifully decorate a woman's hand and will be a great addition to any styling.

Titanium wedding ring are more and more popular, as they are definitely cheaper than the others, they are also scratch-resistant, light and very original. Their dark gray color is perfectly combined with decorative ornaments and gives an interesting effect.

Optimal weight of wedding rings

If you decide to buy in a traditional jewelry store, also consider whether the wedding ring you choose are heavy or rather light. Often you can try the latter, which seem more comfortable to wear. However, it should be questionable! Perhaps lightness means that they are hollow, thinner, or made of less durable materials, which can easily damage us or even cut us. Do not let a bargain price that is too low make you decide too quickly to buy. Let's be honest, gold has never been a cheap material - it is a sure investment for many years, so it's not worth making excessive savings here. Too low a price means that we are buying more copper, zinc, nickel or palladium in the alloy, and we want gold - right? Let's take care of buying a good-quality product,

Symbolic appearance of wedding rings

Although it was once said that wedding rings must be identical for both ladies and gentlemen, and above all, golden, today it is abandoned. Make your wedding rings reflect your personality, taste and love. This individualism is reflected in their color, size - some prefer thin wedding ring, others thick, engraved or decorative elements - some buy models of multi-colored wedding rings, others with precious stones. Take advantage of this enormity of possibilities, emphasizing the symbolic dimension of this jewelry.

First of all, the price

A wedding ceremony and reception are very costly events in the life of the bride and groom. Every money saved is worth its weight in gold. However, if we are talking about gold - remember not to save on the price of wedding ring. This is a one-time, unique purchase in a lifetime that will be worth its sometimes high price. This is a guarantee not only of durability, but above all of exceptional quality.


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