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When it comes to building an eshop , basic design plays a crucial role in its success. The design of your online store is supposed to make it attractive to customers in order for them to visit it and then turn it into your customers. Speaking of web design , we refer not only to its appearance, but also to its functionality which is the one that will help you with your conversions.

When customers can easily navigate your eshop, find the products they want, quickly add them to their cart and see all the important information before they reach the payment page, you are much more likely to complete their order. For this reason, it is important to take the time to evaluate the overall design of your store and improve it as much as possible before investing in paid advertising. Otherwise, regardless of the number of visitors who will enter your store, your sales will be minimal. So let's go see the 10 tips in building an eshop .

1. Prefer to build eshop in open source software, such as wordpress, opencart, joomla

By choosing an open source software in the construction of your eshop, such as the construction of wordpress eshop , joomla eshop or opencart , you gain a significant number of advantages. The main advantage is that the specific software provides you with completely free upgrades of both the software itself and the themes or add-ons you choose to use. In addition, you are not "marrying" the web design companythat your web design will make, you will not need it for any maintenance or upgrade your store needs. Any time you encounter a problem, you can find immediate support as too many web developers and too many companies are dealing with these softwares. Due to the fact that the number of people who choose an open source software for their eshop is huge, you will surely easily find the help you need.

Conversely, if you do not use open source code and rely on the custom eshop build that will sell you as the best company, then whether this company is good, or bad, cheap or expensive, you will be permanently dependent on it, because only the specific technicians will be able to support your eshop. So do not build your business and do not base your fortune on a company.

2. Managing your online store should be easy and fast

Because time is money, and the longer you delay making changes to your eshop the more money is lost, it would be good to choose a platform that is easy to manage. web design An ideal choice in this case and at the same time economical, is the wordpress eshop with the use of woocommerce . The content management system (CMS) of wordpress - woocommerce eshop is one of the easiest to use. Choosing the wordpress buildfor your online store, you ensure easy and fast addition of new products, modification of existing ones as well as any other change to your website. Thus, you can take full control of the eshop yourself without requiring any code and programming knowledge.

3. Visible shopping cart on all pages of the eshop

One mistake that many e-shop owners make is not placing the shopping cart in a prominent place on all e-shop pages. A large percentage of internet users who shop online do not have enough patience to search. So, even though the user visited your eshop, he was interested in your products and added them to his cart, if he is late in finding how to visit the cart to complete his purchase he may leave.

4. Install a quick view feature on your products

The ability to quickly view or otherwise quick view , allows web design visitors to see all the necessary information about a product in a pop-up window, without going to your product page. This feature helps in the best user experience and helps increase the sales of an eshop up to 30%.

5. Completion of purchase as a visitor without registration in the eshop

Completing the purchase of the products that a user has placed in his cart, must be as easy and fast as possible in order not to lead to his loss. As mentioned above internet users are quite impatient and want to complete their desired actions as soon as possible. Requiring a user to register as a member before completing their purchase is a deterrent for many. So you should always provide the ability to complete purchases without having to register and log in as a user.

6. Correct use of newsletters

The use of newsletter in the construction of eshop web design is a very basic element of internet marketing. However, it would be good to prefer the choice of external companies that provide you with free use of their services. This way your eshop will not be burdened in which all GDPR regulations must be observed.

7. Selection of neutral colors during the design

The choice of colors in an eshop plays a very important role. Consider doing a renovation in your home and you want to choose a color that will accentuate the furniture and decorative elements. What would you choose? Of course the best choice is neutral colors such as white, gray, beige, etc. The same goes for the online store. The choice of neutral colors when designing an eshop will give more emphasis to your products, which is also the demand.

8. Use Cross selling and Upselling

The cross selling and upselling are two successful sales growth strategies an eshop web design. With cross selling, your customers are encouraged, before completing their purchase, to purchase another product that is combined with the one they have chosen. For example, in a TV shop, before the user completes the purchase of the TV, he is offered to buy a base for the specific model. By upselling on the other hand, you encourage your customers to get a more expensive product than the one they chose but which gives them more options. For example if someone chose to buy a laptop with i3 processor, with upselling you can encourage them to change their choice to an i5 or i7.

9. Avoid using many categories and subcategories in the eshop

A system with product categorization filters is a very useful tool for the visitor. It will help him better find what he wants and will improve his overall experience in your online store. However, a very big mistake that you notice in many eshop, is the extensive use of categories and subcategories which only manages to confuse the visitor, tire him and prevent him from buying your products.

10. The construction of eshop should be search engine friendly

The search engines and especially Google, it's the best way to win new targeted customers for your business. So you need to pay special attention to the way in which your online store will be designed and built. So in order to be as high as possible in Google results, eshop construction should be based on website promotion techniques , so that the eshop web design is search engine friendly and SEO (Search Engine Friendly). Even better of course would be to choose SEO services in order to optimize these results and climb to the top of the results. Do not forget that SEO was, is and will be the best way to attract new customers who are really interested in your products.

Do you find all this complicated? We hope not, because these are the basic elements that you should pay attention to whoever you assign to the construction of a website that will make your online sales.

These are the techniques on which all the shop construction packages of our company are based, which you can see online in demos eshop web design and evaluate them. We are always at your disposal at 211 8006160 to solve any question that will improve the construction of your eshop.


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