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How to choose my wedding bands in 5 steps?

Are you at that moment when you need wedding bands? Put these tips into action and you will find the perfect one’s for you!

In the middle of the organization of the wedding, with the endless games to be undertaken, some details go unnoticed, especially if their physical magnitude is small. Wedding bands are laughable from a material point of view, but their value is one of the most important if you agree with the tradition of this piece.

wedding bands

Follow these five steps to choose the wedding rings of your dreams:

1. Determine the budget

As you have seen, the budget is always the starting point in all wedding decisions. In this case, it will be closely linked to the chosen material, the main circumstance that increases or decreases the price of an alliance due to its purity. By including more or less valuable materials, the budget varies, but it also changes with the performance of the minerals used that could decorate the whole of the alliance, such as diamonds, so demanded in many alliances and engagement rings.

However, you also have to take into account the design of the ring, as there are different shapes, finishes and styles with different values. In this sense, the most innovative jewelers have put meat on the grill to give away unique designs in which materials, textures and styles are mixed, a task that can also modify the price.

2. Know the times to find the final design

You may be entertained at first with larger wedding matters, such as the space, the banquet or the wedding dress, but do not forget that the rings, although they do not need as much notice as the previous examples, should not be neglected.

To give you an idea, manufacturers spend about a month and a half in the manufacture of your design. Despite this, we recommend at least three months in advance to correct problems in case they occur. Previously, you will have decided that design, the engraving and a measurement will have been established for each member of the couple.

However, so that you do not worry too much about the issue of measurements and the time to correct them, many people perceive irregularities in their ring that they solve after the wedding. In this way, the specified size is achieved when everything has returned to normal.

3. Decide materials and size

As we have said, the material is the basis of any alliance and the complete product is built around it. The winner among most grooms is usually gold, either yellow, white, or pink, and usually 14, 18, or 24 karats, depending on the budget. However, it is useful to know that the purity of gold is not always an advantage. In fact, the more carats the part has, the more ductile it will be and, as a consequence, the more likely it is to suffer scratches and deformations.

For those who are not lovers of gold or who cannot afford such a material for their ring, silver, platinum and titanium are four options that are increasingly used and with great benefits, in addition to enjoying an excellent invoice. All of them have different weight and resistance, platinum being the foremost durable, but also the heaviest.

Recently alliances with other newer materials, such as steel or ceramic, have been added to the market, which are more adjusted to other budgets and do not lose in beauty. You decide what you value most in a ring that you will have to wear for the rest of your life.

On the other hand, the measurement of the ring is important because it must fit perfectly to the finger, without the piece being too tight and, in addition to overwhelming, it looks bad from the aesthetic point of view; nor that it is too loose and ends up being lost. For this reason, to know if it is your size, the wedding ring should turn on your fingers easily.

However, we have a trick to help you get the measurement right to avoid unexpected changes. For example, try to go to your first appointment with the jeweler on a day that is neither very cold nor hot, as the fingers could expand or contract at extreme temperatures and move away from the real measurement under normal conditions. So, organize yourselves so that the day of the wedding and the day of your appointment with the jeweler do not have a diametrically opposite temperature, so avoid opposing seasons.

Remember also that, due to stress and nerves, it is not difficult for you to go to the wedding with a few kilograms less. So, if the alliance is too big for you on the big day, it is very likely that this will be the appropriate measure when everything returns to normal. Even so, if after the wedding you do not have the expected result, you can talk to the jeweler and adjust the measurement to your finger. Don't worry about it!

4. Define the style and choose the design

Once again, your style is key in determining the design of the ring.

In the first place, it is convenient to decide the shape, since today there are round and square alliances, as well as with a flat or half- round (rounded) surface. Then the finish has several possibilities: polished, satin, ice effect, sand-matte, brush, textured, hammered, Florentine, dotted or enameled. In jewelry they will teach you what it consists of and what each one of them looks like.

Nowadays, as in almost all disciplines, jewelers have reinvented the design of wedding rings and, after extensive exploration, have extracted pieces with incredible designs. These rings have special reliefs, unique inlays, minimalist aesthetics, borders, mixes of materials, games of glitter ... Pure art on your fingers throughout your life.

In addition, some jewelers specialized in weddings have opened the possibility of personalizing alliances for their grooms, with the style determined by them and all kinds of extravagances. Although it is better to trust professionals, it never hurts to add your own stamp to be unique and original.

It is also important to remember that, despite what traditions dictate, wedding bands do not have to be the same as each other. Some heterosexual couples differentiate their rings with a special touch to identify their gender, such as diamonds and other inlays on women's rings. However, in these times, the bride and groom are striving more and more to keep their personality intact and show it in all aspects of life, also in the rings. Therefore, if these personalities do not go hand in hand, each groom chooses or creates his own ring.

5. Think about the message or recording

Before facing the departure of the wedding ring, it is convenient to know if the dream jewelry allows the personalization of the message of the ring. Because, although almost all of them usually include the name of both members of the couple, many grooms choose to write their nicknames or affectionate names, include a special phrase of both, choose a drawing or be creative and surprise with an unusual message. Although many people will ask you about the content of your engraving, this is totally personal, so there is room for any kind of daring that remains between you.


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