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License to Drive Trucks and Buses

When it comes to driving cars at a professional level, that is, driving beyond private vehicles, but dealing with trucks, tanks and buses, a specific type of license must be obtained, since the preparation of said license depends on this. driver to bear the responsibilities that driving this type of car implies.

When talking about a truck license, there is no reference to a specific license, since, depending on the type of truck and even the merchandise that it transports, there is a driving license, the information on this will be detailed below.

truck driving license

What Types of Licenses Are There to Drive Trucks?

1. Card C:

This is the card requested when you want to enter the world of truck and trailer driving, the minimum age to obtain this is 21 years, likewise other requirements must be met such as; have the corresponding medical certificate, have no driving deprivation and pass the psychophysical aptitude test.

The C card can present variations depending on the type of cargo you transport and even the type of truck you use for this purpose, in this way other types of permits can be mentioned, such as the following:

  • C1 license: this is the license you need if you will drive trucks whose weight does not exceed 7500kg.
  • C + E card: this will be the card you must choose if you want to drive a trailer or articulated vehicles, with this card you can also venture into driving trains.
  • C1 + E license: for driving crane trucks and even tractor vehicles whose weight does not exceed 7,500 kilograms.
  • ADR card, for driving trucks with loads classified as dangerous.

2. Card D for driving buses

The production of the card D is ideal for those wishing to work in the world of transport, since, credited for bus driving in will usually drive vehicles are designed to carry more than 8 passengers.

To obtain this card you need to be in possession of the B card, be at least 24 years old, present the aptitude test and pass it of course.

truck driving school

In addition to obtaining the C Card and the D Card, drivers must also take the CAP, initials of the Certificate of Professional Aptitude, this in order that truck and bus drivers have better education and training both in driving matters. as in road safety.

Process for Obtaining a Truck and Bus License

The obtaining of the license to drive trucks and buses can do so freely or through a driving classes in Chris Shilling Transport Training, thus tell with expert advice throughout the process, these are the steps to follow:

  • The first step is to pass the psychophysical aptitude tests, these are intended to determine your physical and mental qualification to perform as a driver.
  • Once this first phase has been approved, you must present the theoretical test, which basically assesses your knowledge in everything concerning the driving of this type of cargo vehicle, as well as traffic rules.

The theoretical test is composed of a total of 20 questions, they are formulated multiple choice, the time for the completion of the theoretical test is 20 minutes and if you get more than two failures you will not be able to pass it.

  • The next step is the approval of the practical test, in total you must carry out 2 tests of this type, in the first your driving skills will be evaluated to perform in a closed circuit.
  • In the second practical test you should have a good performance in handling the car on an open circuit.
  • Once you have successfully passed this last practical test, you will be able to start enjoying your truck and bus driving license.

truck driving license

Can I Get The CAP and The C Card Simultaneously?

To be able to perform as a professional driver it is essential to have the CAP card, that is why many driving schools, such as Chris Shilling Transport Training of course, make it easier for you to obtain the C card and the CAP simultaneously.

  • To obtain the CAP you must take a training course with a duration of 130 theoretical hours and a total of 10 practical hours, this if you opt for the accelerated modality, the ordinary CAP training consists of a total of 280 hours.
  • After training, students must take an exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions, the maximum time to answer this exam is 2 hours.

What Is the Duration of the License to Drive Trucks and Buses?

The license to drive trucks and buses is valid for 5 years, after this time the renewal is necessary, in cases in which the driver is over 65 years of age, they must renew the type C and D driving license every 3 years.

What You Should Know About Renewal of License to Drive Buses and Trucks

  • You should not wait until the card has expired to start processing its renewal
  • The renewal of the Type C and D card must be done 3 months before its expiration date.
  • If you let your license renewal time pass and it has already expired, you must be clear that you cannot drive with an expired license.
  • Basically there is no defined time to renew your driving license, this in case your immediate plans are not continuing to drive.
  • Fines for driving with an expired driving license can be up to 200 euros, so the ideal is to renew it before its expiration date, unless you are not going to work as a driver again.
Either to obtain the type C and D license for the first time or for its renewal, in Chris Shilling Transport Training, your trusted driving school in Newcastle you can obtain the training and advice to successfully overcome the entire process. Give them a call today!


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