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Need Plumbing Facilities In NewCastle?

Broken pipes, leaks in the wall, pipe maintenance... many of the repairs and services needed in a home refer to plumbing. It's no wonder it's one of the most requested services!

For this reason,  the Plumber category is one of the main ones in Green Planet Plumbing, in which you can find 9 subcategories  that refer to more specific jobs. But what can you request in each one? How do you know which subcategory to choose to apply correctly? Next, we explain what they are and when it is better to make a request to one or the other, depending on what you need:

Leaks : A leak is nothing less than a water leak that occurred at some point in your home. Sometimes they go unnoticed for a long time, so it is important to contact a professional directly when we detect it. This will help us to identify its location, cause and solution.

Pipes : some of the problems related to pipes are bad odors, a low flow of water, that it comes out dirty or, even, that the pipes freeze, especially those that are isolated or outside our home. But, in general,  jams are the most common. Daily use, the products we use or the passage of time will affect the     deterioration of the pipes in your home. Whether it is to unclog them, clean them or keep them in perfect condition, this subcategory is the one that will help you the most.

Sanitary ware : this is the perfect subcategory for all bathroom-related services (toilets, bidets...), from installation and repair to maintenance.

Faucets : here you will find professionals in everything related to the faucet of your home, from the installation to the repair of leaky faucets.

Water pumps : water pumping refers to the extraction of water from a space that was flooded. Choose this subcategory when you experience a flood or water overflow in your home.

Water tanks : this option is very important in areas that suffer from drought or those where the water supply is more irregular. A water tank or reservoir will help you have drinking water for your own supply. With this subcategory you can find professionals who advise you and are specialized in the installation or cleaning of a water tank.

Septic tanks :  A septic tank is a hole in the ground where sewage from a building or home goes, and where the waste will be separated and processed. And what services can you request? From well location, to routine maintenance and inspection, emptying, unblocking, etc. Due to the nature and function of septic tanks, from Green Planet Plumbing we recommend that you always contact a professional for this type of task.

Boilers : choose this subcategory for everything related to the installation, maintenance and repair of the boiler in your home, as well as for the periodic review or replacement of your old boiler.

General plumbing: in addition to the previous jobs, the services of a plumber will cover the needs in all rooms of the home, from the bathroom, kitchen or a room that may have a leak, the complete installation or comprehensive reform of the plumbing of your home, repair downspouts, install drains... You can also opt for this option when the service you need does not match any of the previous subcategories or when it is a general job that requires several different plumbing services.

How to apply for Plumber

Now that you know what Plumbing services you can request in each Green Planet Plumbing subcategory, it's time to make your request. We tell you how to do it easily with a simple example! Imagine that we suffer a leak in the living room of our home. 

Fortunately, we detected it in time, but we need a professional to review it, diagnose its origin and help us to solve it. We started!

STEP 1. Search the category and subcategory

The first thing you should do is look for the category you need, in this case, a Plumbing Newcastle. To do this,  you will have two options from the main menu of the app:

Click on the central points to see the list of all categories. When you click on the Plumber icon, you will see the list with all the available subcategories.
Use the search engine. To do this, click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. Just type in the word related to the service you need (for example, "plumber" or "filtration") and we'll show you the available options.

STEP 2. Make your request

Click on the subcategory you need and the New Request screen will appear. Now is the time to complete the information that the professionals will see! In  this article  we explain how to complete it to make a good request.

Remember that it  is important to provide as much information as possible  (brief title of the service, detailed description of the problem, location, add images) so that professionals can know what you need and help you better. In our example, we could choose a simple title ("Filtration in the kitchen") and a description in which we can indicate the measurements of the wall and the filtration, to provide more information to the professional. In addition, we will add an image of the wall so that the professional can see the problem directly.

Once all the information has been completed, you have two options: stamp all the professionals who meet the requirements for your application or choose the professional yourself from a list, where you can see the profile of each of them.

STEP 3. I received the contact of the professionals

Once your request is made and the professionals have been stamped, you just have to wait for them to contact you through the app chat. You can receive the answer of up to 4 different professionals for your request!

Review your request. You can do it at any time by entering the "Requests" section and clicking on the request you want to review. Then you will see the professionals who contacted you and, when you click on any of them, you will enter the chat to answer them or ask any questions you have or make a request for a quote to know the price of the service.        

Clarify your doubts. Remember to ask him any questions you have and clarify with him all the conditions of the service (day, time, price, location, if the initial visit is included in the price, availability of materials, etc).

When you solve the problem...  you just have to close your request and assess the professional so that other users of the app know your experience with him. 


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