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Things you do wrong when you rent a country house

Face it, summer is over. But before falling into depression, admit this too: With fall comes new travel possibilities. For example, a weekend in a rural house. But despite its popularity, most owners of rural houses complain about the great ignorance that guests have about this type of accommodation. Here are twelve situations that we usually solve badly when we rent a house in the country and that drive the owners out of their boxes:

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Complete or by rooms?

It seems basic, but not all users understand it: there are two types of rural housing. Full rental houses, where you generally don't even see the owner and you have the entire installation to yourself. And the one for rent by rooms or shared rent - sometimes even only for adults-, in which you only rent a room, like in a hotel, and in which silence and tranquility prevail. If you plan to go for a bottle, a large family reunion or a bachelor party, these latter are not what you are looking for, obviously.

Find out before

99% of rural houses have a website. Find out about the number of rooms, what they are like, if it includes breakfast or not, if they have dinners, if it has a kitchen for guests to use, if there is WiFi ... and when you call to reserve, don't waste time or make the owner lose it.

When 2 + 2 = 6

The old trick of playing Swedish with the number of children you carry is very popular. The owners already know that "I thought they do not count", "it is that they do not spend money" or "they sleep with us" (even if they are 17 years old!) And they do not accept that of putting five in a bed to pay only for two Adults. Be honest when you say the number of guests you are going to.

In the ass of the world

Even if you have seen some cool photos and good comments, make sure you know where the house is before booking. A rural house is in that, in the rural world, sometimes far from any urban nucleus or with difficult access.

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Deposit is normal

The normal thing is that they ask for a deposit when making a reservation, do not feel offended by it. If you are one of those who are reserving the tun-tun in several houses and then go to the one that suits you best, you will give yourself away with a "uf, I'm about to consider it" or a "I need to discuss with my partner.

A little call?

Although many already have an online reservation, a call to the owner to confirm when you arrive or to consult any aspect will give him elements of confidence and will make the reception more pleasant in rooms for rent, where the owners personally attend to their guests.

Can I stay a little longer?

Take into account the entry and exit times, different for shared house and for whole house. While in shared rooms you usually enter and leave at 12.00, in those for full rental you enter at 16.00 and leave at 12.00. All extended hours are courtesy of the owner to the tenant.

Those invisible pets

If on its website or in the information that the owner gives you over the phone it says that animals are not allowed… it is that animals are not allowed, be it a hamster or a Bengal tiger. No means no. Do not show up with your puppy hidden in a bag or put it in when the owner has left because in the end they will catch you and lead to embarrassing situations.

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Legal and illegal

A rural house must have a Legal Registration number. That is, it has to be registered and legalized before Tourism. Unfortunately, there are thousands of illegal or illegal ones, in which the price is possibly cheaper, but the quality of the service is not guaranteed. If you want to go to an illegal one, you are within your right, but you will have more security, better service and the right to claims in a registered one.

The DNI, mandatory

Do not get angry without asking for your ID upon arrival to fill out the form. If it is a legal house, you have an obligation to do so, as in a hotel. Rather get angry if they don't ask you… surely you're in an illegal house.

Not all that glitters are gold

The fact that a house appears on a rural tourism web portal does not necessarily mean that it is legalized. Some portals admit anyone, as long as they pay for their ad. Do not trust only the photos either: some rural houses had a better photographer than decorator.

house accommodation Kojonup

Not friends

If you rent a house of a certain capacity (either full or shared rental), you do NOT have the right to invite friends to use the pool or the rest of the facilities. The owners have the obligation to contract a civil liability insurance that only covers the capacity granted by Tourism. If a mishap occurs and there were more people than allowed, their hair falls out. In addition, they can disturb the rest or leisure of the rest of the clients, who have paid to use this service.


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