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5 signs you need physiotherapy

The physiotherapy is not a reserved treatment for athletes, or even for those who are recovering from an injury. In fact, it can be used to improve our health in many different ways. We are going to show you five signs that you may need physiotherapy.

1. You have lost your balance.

Loss of balance can be the result of problems with the inner ear. The structures within the ear are an essential part of the body's balance system (known as the vestibular system). Any condition or problem that affects the inner ear can cause you to feel a number of symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, and disturbances in balance that can be extremely difficult to bear. 


A physiotherapy treatment called vestibular rehabilitation are often used to overcome these symptoms. After assessing your specific needs, a physiotherapist can devise a series of head, neck and eye exercises to help you retrain your central nervous system and compensate for inner ear problems. Vestibular rehabilitation can be used as an alternative to surgery and as an adjunct to surgery for inner ear conditions.

2. You have pain from sitting

It is very common to feel pain when sitting all day at the office desk. This could manifest itself in the form of back pain or headache, for example. Our bodies love movement and are designed for it. Staying in one position for too long can mean that our muscles and joints can start to strain, causing pain. Regular breaks, even if it's just to stand and stretch or move your neck, upper back, and arms, can be really helpful.

You also need to make sure your desktop is properly configured. Take a look at a guide to good postures at work and talk to your HR representative or, failing that, your manager, to get a proper evaluation of your workplace in regards to ergonomics and position of the furniture.

3. You have constant pain.

When you are injured, you would expect to feel a certain amount of pain that would normally stabilize as the tissue heals. If you've ever sprained an ankle, for example, expect it to hurt and you'll limp for a couple of weeks, maybe. As the ligaments heal, the pain should decrease until you return to normal. But sometimes the pain does not subside as expected and becomes chronic. This is particularly common with pain in the lower back and neck and can be attributed to many factors.

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The physiotherapists can work with you to assess the problem and provide a program of exercise and rehabilitation specific you relieve suffering and will return the best of yourself.

Pain treatments may include pain education, massage, manipulation, and exercises to help you better support the damaged part of your body and prevent the injury from happening again.

4. You don't move as easily as you used to.

If you have noticed that you do not feel as flexible or that your movements are not as easy as before - for example, you can no longer touch your toes - then you may benefit from seeing a physiotherapist. They can assess the problem and provide you with a series of exercises to strengthen the supporting tissues and relax the muscles, allowing you to slowly increase your flexibility.

5. You have started urinating uncontrollably.

Urinary incontinence (the uncontrolled passage of urine) is very common. More so for women than for men and it becomes more likely as we get older, but that doesn't mean we have to live with her forever.

There are two main forms of urinary incontinence: enuresis and urinary incontinence. Stress urinary incontinence occurs when your bladder is under pressure, for example when you cough or sneeze. Urge incontinence is when urine leaks out as you feel a sudden, strong urge to urinate, or shortly thereafter. Many people suffer from a combination of both.

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Pelvic floor exercises can help improve the condition, especially for people with stress urinary incontinence. Get in contact with one of our physiotherapists for individual support.

If urinary incontinence has occurred suddenly, it is out of place and, in particular, if you suffer from pain in the spine or in the legs of the nerves, you should see a doctor immediately to rule out the possibility of them more serious conditions.


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