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How does one qualify for a career in agriculture?

Where to start?

Agriculture is a challenging and rewarding career path. However, with numerous kinds of agricultural jobs available, it will be difficult to understand where to begin, especially if you're unsure of the requirements for each kind of job. Of course, there are jobs that involve hands-on agricultural work, but the industry also requires engineers, scientists, agronomists, business consultants, project managers, veterinarians, agrochemical specialists, and sales experts to operate successfully.

The diversity of the agricultural sector means that there are opportunities to work in the industry, whatever your interests and talents. There are career options for people of almost all academic and work backgrounds. So whether you like working with animals, have a head for business marketing, or are a scientific nerd, there is something for you! Contact Agricultural Appointments for more assistance!

career in agriculture

With career and academic training options, starting an agricultural career has never been easier. If you don't feel like taking the academic route to agricultural recruitment, earning an apprenticeship is a great way to gain experience and earn a salary while on the job! On the other hand, positions in project management, marketing, and agrochemicals often require years of education, but generally attract higher salaries. Read on to discover some of the most important things you need to know about qualifying for various jobs in the agricultural and agricultural industry.

Project managers and agricultural consultants

Although it differs from role to role, a project manager / agricultural consultant generally works to ensure that a farm maximizes profitability and efficiency. Business or project managers are responsible for working directly with clients to create business proposals, project briefs, and secure new business. They will also track business opportunities and develop and grow customer relationships.

This is the perfect position for anyone who enjoys interacting with clients and has a background in marketing and business. To qualify for a consultant role, you are generally expected to have completed a degree in business or marketing. Ideal candidates for agricultural marketing jobs will have a history of work within the agricultural or food industry and will have obtained relevant qualifications in project management, such as Projects in Controlled Environments.

Farm Worker jobs

If you are interested in working with animals on a daily basis in a rural setting, start considering agricultural jobs in your area. Agricultural workers perform physical and practical work on farms, working with crops and livestock to ensure the continued success of a farm.

To qualify as a farm worker, you must be prepared for the physical pressures of work and be an exceptionally hard-working and motivated person. Depending on the needs of the farm, you may end up tending a herd of cows or other livestock, operating machinery to cultivate fields, planting crops, applying chemicals, and harvesting; as well as carrying out general cleaning tasks on the farm.

agricultural career

In general, no specific academic qualifications are needed to secure this job, but you will need to have prior experience working on a farm and operating machinery. So if you are considering this as a career and don't have the necessary experience, your best chance of landing this position is to start with an apprenticeship.

Agricultural sales

Are you a sociable person? Are you passionate about agriculture? Do you thrive under pressure? If so, farm sales could be your career! A business or marketing degree would be beneficial but not always necessary depending on the position.

Farmers need many agricultural-specific items to be successful in industry, and machinery, food, fertilizers, and seeds are just a few of them. Working in farm sales requires tenacity and excellent communication skills, as you will be working directly with farm managers, project managers, and consultants. You will need to be able to listen to the farmer's requirements and have a thorough understanding of the products that will be suitable to meet these needs. Having a background in agriculture and agriculture would be particularly advantageous if you want to build long-lasting relationships with customers by recommending products appropriately.


Agronomists are essential to maximize crop production and make sure crops are as healthy as possible. Also known as "crop doctors," agronomists are adept at choosing which chemicals to use to grow healthy plants while keeping weeds and pests at bay. Agronomists handle statistics and data on a daily basis and are expected to analyze complex data sets to determine which pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers are best given the specific requirements of the farm, taking into account the type of crop, climate, and farm regulations. the farm. The industry.

To become an agronomist, you will typically need a degree in agricultural science or a related scientific discipline. If you are interested in doing agronomy work, a degree in agricultural science may not be possible, as not many universities offer it. Therefore, you will need to choose a scientific discipline such as chemistry, biology (or, to a lesser extent, physics) and then gain further qualifications to specialize in agronomy.

Agricultural engineering and technical jobs

Agricultural engineers are a critical part of the agricultural sector. They build, repair and service equipment designed for use in agriculture, horticulture, and forestry. The term "agricultural technician" is often used interchangeably with "engineer", but it may actually mean something slightly different.

agricultural engineering

Technicians have many of the same skills and qualifications as engineers, but are sometimes more specialized in a specific area of agricultural engineering, for example irrigation. They also have a greater role in understanding the impact of the environment on crops and minimizing potential environmental problems created by various agricultural production methods. They are also responsible for conducting experiments and analyzing data on best land use practices and environmental conditions.

Typically, an advanced qualification in agricultural engineering, machinery, and technology is required to be considered for the technician position, but there are occasionally entry-level opportunities to consider if you are not already eligible.

If you are looking for work in the agricultural sector, Agricultural Appointments specialist can help you find the right niche in the Australia and beyond. We can help you find which doors are open to you with your specific expertise and even advise you on what you could do to improve your prospects.


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