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Importance of inspecting the roof before buying a home

To acquire a property, you must know the state of the structure, from the foundations to the coverage. From Vital Building Inspection, we will tell you the importance of inspecting the roof before buying a house. What to look for during the assessment, who should do it, and how it will benefit you as a buyer.

Why inspect the roof before buying a home?

A general home inspection will tell you what condition it is in and what type of repairs it needs. One step that you should not ignore before signing a contract is to ask an expert to evaluate the property.

During the inspection, the state of the construction, the pipes, electrical system, ventilation, insulation, etc. One part that is as important as the others is the roof. This may have damage that is not obvious and will turn into a headache over time.

home inspection

In old houses to reform it is possible to find damages such as leaks, humidity, accumulated water, damaged tiles, among others. A roofing and roofing expert is ready to detect roof damage. Failures often go unnoticed by sellers because they are at an early stage or, the most common reason, lack of knowledge.

A damaged ceiling causes discomfort. A small leak can quickly become a major problem and damage other parts of the structure. In addition, humidity alters the quality of indoor air, affecting the health of the inhabitants of the home.

Save of time and money

Following these tips for buying a home will save you time and money. Sometimes it can lead to a change in plans if you are not willing to take on the repairs as a buyer.

The person inspecting the roof will give you a report of the damage they found. This will help you negotiate the price of the house, because you must repair it. Another alternative is for the current owner to bear the expense and the buyer to save the repair later.

Roof conditions will affect the price of the home. This is because you need to budget for both the purchase and the repairs.

Also keep in mind that when buying you may need to waterproof the roof. Ask the owner if it was done, when and what material was used. The home inspector will also help you determine if this maintenance work has been done.

home inspection before buying

As a buyer you may want to purchase a property that is ready to move in. If you have to do some kind of repair to the structure, this will add time. This means that you will have to wait longer than expected to repair or change the roof of your house and make it habitable.

What damage to look for on the roof?

There are damages that are obvious to anyone and can be seen even from inside the property. For example, leaks or moisture stains. If when visiting the house, you notice any suspicious stains on the walls or ceiling, do not hesitate to request an inspection.

Outside, a broken tile is also a red flag. The problem is that these damages are not always so obvious and it is not easy to access the ceiling to find them.

The most frequent damages are the breaks in the tiles or other parts of the roof of a house. Over time these can lead to leaks. This is usually caused by extreme temperature changes, hail fall, the weight of snow, storms, etc.

Some breaks are imperceptible by anyone, but an expert, with the right tools, can detect them. For example, a simple scratch can hide a bigger problem in the future. It is not only necessary to refer to breaks, but also to the loss of complete tiles.

In some types of tiles, such as asphalt, you also have to be attentive to the formation of curls at the ends. These must be flat and if they are bent upwards it is necessary to change them.

More tips for exterior inspection

Other recommendations to ensure that the roof is in good condition before buying a home are the following:

  • Ask the current owner if there has been a fire in or around the house. Fire can damage shingles or the material underneath them. Even when the loss was in another home, it may have affected you.
  • Check the condition of the roof supports in the loft. Especially if the house is located in an area with strong winds and intense winters. In these weather conditions, the weight of the snow can damage the rafters.
  • Be aware of the terrain around the house. If there are problems with the tiles, for example if they are broken, they will fall to the ground. It is possible that a trace of one has been left in the grass or some bush.

Who should inspect the roofs?

The roof of a house is a place that is difficult to access and where you have to be careful. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary to hire a professional to do the inspection. Don't take a risk by wanting to save the cost. Companies that do this type of work have the proper equipment, both for safety and for the inspection itself.

home inspection service

Regardless of the type of roof, it is best to call in someone who has experience. You should do the same in case the report shows some kind of problems. It may seem easy to replace a tile, but without enough experience you can cause more damage. In this case you can contact us and ask for a quote for the work to be done.

Roof inspection is not the sole responsibility of the buyer. As a seller you should also do this evaluation to know the state of the structure. Thus, when the interested party asks about it, you have how to respond and can compare the results of both inspections.

Now that you know the importance of inspecting the roof before buying a home, be sure to do one before signing a contract. Remember that it is not only a matter of safety, but of making a smart investment and even taking care of the health of your family.


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