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Tile options for the roof of your house

Are you building your home or aiming to change or perfect the roof? From Amazing Roof Restoration, we want to show you the options of tiles for the roof of your house. Get to understand all the variety that exists and reform your roof as you like.

Types of roofing for homes

Whether you reside in a building or house, roofs are essential elements for construction. These serve as their main function to protect the structure from weather phenomena such as rain, snow and the sun.

tile roofing

They also allow the creation of functional spaces and are a great contribution to the aesthetics of the construction, since the roofs are always quite visible.

There are different covers that adapt to the types of roofs. These can be slanted or flat.

  • Pitched: Pitched roofs are generally used in areas where there is constant rainfall. These allows water or snow not to accumulate on the roof that creates moisture problems. Each plane that forms it receives the name of skirt or waters. From here arise the gabled roofs, three waters or more.
  • Flat: This type of roof is almost parallel to the ground. They have a very small incline. It is important that flat roofs are divided into sections. Between each piece there will be a gasket that will allow the cover to better withstand temperature variations and guide the water towards certain drainage points.

Regardless of the type of roof that your house has, they must have a cover. This can be made of different materials. Some of the most popular are:

Roof tiles

Roof tiles are the most popular alternatives for your roof coverings. You can find it both in its classic form made of clay, as well as in versions in other materials such as wood and concrete so that you can choose which is the best roof for a house.

This type of roof requires little maintenance. It is easy to install and inexpensive. There are many shingle options for the roof of your house that we will mention later.

Plates of metallic materials

The covers can also be made of aluminum, copper, steel and other alloys. In this case the pieces come in the form of plates of different dimensions.

tile roofs

One of the great advantages of metal roofs, especially those made of steel, is that they are highly resistant to the sun, precipitation and other environmental elements. But its useful life time varies depending on the material.

Plastic polymers

You can find tiles and plates or panels of plastic polymers for the roof of your home. There are many types with different characteristics.

Plastic polymers are good heat insulators, easy to install and do not require maintenance. Depending on their thickness and the type of plastic they are more or less resistant to breakage.

Tile options for the roof of your house

The roof, together with the walls, form the most important structures of the houses. This, because they are what protect us from external agents. In the special case of covers, they protect our families from the sun, rain and different weather conditions.

One of the most popular materials to cover roofs is tiles. This, due to its wide variety of options, each with its own advantages and aspects. Some of the models of these are:

Traditional basic tile

The traditional house tile is ceramic or clay. Its shape is curved and elongated and to place it they must overlap each other, so that it becomes a kind of perfect puzzle. The one in front over the one in the back and between rows, one stop naturally and the other turned over.

So they make a structure that permits isolation from the water. Since the liquid, when falling to the sides of the tile, runs through the kind of channel formed by those that are upside down.

Among its advantages, aside from the simple installation, is that the little maintenance that it requires and also the resistance to heat and fire. However, it's not very immune to weight or shocks, so that they tend to break easily.

tile roofs

Advantages of installing tile roofs at home

The advantages of using this element of construction to cover the roofs are many and can vary depending on the type of tile. Here we will classify some according to the aspect of the home that benefits:

They contribute in isolation

  • The thermal insulation that the use of tiles provides to the home is quite significant. These are resistant to wind, rain and snow. In addition, they have the ability to maintain the indoor temperature in favorable conditions regardless of the external climate. That is, when it is cold it keeps the house warm and when it is hot it refreshes it.
  • Nothing more important than the waterproofing and maintenance of roofs and roofs in Newcastle. The tiles, apart from having the treatment prior to their placement, are impervious to water. By design, they function as a rain drainer. This prevents the water from stagnating and generating leaks or humidity.
  • The tile roof has natural ventilation due to its shape, material and type of installation. So they avoid air condensation and, therefore, humidity.
  • Depending on the material they are highly resistant to fire. So it does not spread fires on contact with it, nor does it generate toxic gases or melt in the heat.
  • Another benefit is that it has acoustic insulation. So you should not worry or invest in other materials for this purpose. Well, it considerably reduces the noise from the outside, whether urban or from nature, such as rain.


Aesthetically, few roofs look as good as shingles. In addition, they can be found in different colors, styles and models so that you can place the ones that you like the most or go better with the tones and style of the structure.

Durability of the material

  • The maintenance of this type of roof is simple, inexpensive and can take years between one and another. The state of the lateral drains of the house or building must be verified, this, so that the water can run perfectly and avoid damage.
  • The correct installation of the tiles is important. Well, in this way, you will have a tile roof for many years.

They are friendly to the environment

Various types of roof tiles are made with natural materials or they can be recycled and reused. They come in various shapes, styles, and colors to increase the efficiency of the home.

Furthermore, in many cases the energy required to manufacture tiles is much less than to manufacture other types of roof coverings.

Have you already decided which of the tile options for the roof of your house to choose? Remember to contact our team of roofing experts for better advice on materials and quality when carrying out construction or remodeling work. Because your home deserves the best.


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