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Risks and advantages of making or not making a will

It is perhaps one of the most difficult and hard processes that have to be taken throughout our lives, making a living will , a waiver of inheritance or a declaration of heirs can become something traumatic, not only for the person who owes it. to make that decision and award part of your estate to family or friends, but because you have to face a legal process that can sometimes be tedious if you do not have the help of an inheritance lawyer . In this article we will tell you some of the peculiarities and differences between wills and the risks involved in not doing it on time. Meaning of testament The meaning of this document is to bequeath the person's assets once they have died to avoid possible family conflicts. It is for this reason that we always recommend that the living will be made, since otherwise greater conflicts than those desired by the affected person may arise. It is true that there is a certain "fear" of making such a document because it seems th

Ten Steps to a Successful Workplace Investigation

If a problem or complaint has arisen in your company, a correct investigation can assist you determine what happened and what to try and do about it. You can also help your company avoid liability for employee wrongdoing, but only if you act quickly and take effective steps to fix the problem. Here are the ten steps to a successful investigation in the workplace. 1. Decide whether to investigate. Before putting on your detective hat, take some time to decide if you really need an investigation. In some situations, for example, if all employees agree with what happened or if the problem appears to be minor, you can reasonably decide that a full investigation is unnecessary. However, in general, it is better to err than to conduct an investigation. If the problem is more serious than it appears, not investigating can lead to legal problems and ongoing problems in the workplace. And sometimes you just can't tell how widespread or substantial a problem is until you take a little lo


HOW TO RIDE SAFELY BY BICYCLE Ready to get started in road cycling or urban cycling? We know that riding in traffic can be intimidating, but with these tips, you will become a confident rider and leave those fears behind. 1. The use of a helmet is essential! Wearing a helmet is the smartest option, not only because it protects your head (we only have one!), But also because most helmets have reflective details that help you to be more visible on the road. We at Stead Cycles have a range of bike accessories and equipment to help you make the most of your bike. 2. Wear colorful and reflective clothing. As important as being comfortable on the bike is to be safe. Remember that although black is a very stylish and long-suffering color, on dark days, or with rain or fog, it is difficult to see. Make sure if you wear dark garments that they are equipped with reflective ones. If you think it is going to rain and you have a raincoat in your pocket, think the same, you may be visible