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Ready to get started in road cycling or urban cycling? We know that riding in traffic can be intimidating, but with these tips, you will become a confident rider and leave those fears behind.

1. The use of a helmet is essential!

Wearing a helmet is the smartest option, not only because it protects your head (we only have one!), But also because most helmets have reflective details that help you to be more visible on the road. We at Stead Cycles have a range of bike accessories and equipment to help you make the most of your bike.

bike safety tips

2. Wear colorful and reflective clothing.

As important as being comfortable on the bike is to be safe. Remember that although black is a very stylish and long-suffering color, on dark days, or with rain or fog, it is difficult to see. Make sure if you wear dark garments that they are equipped with reflective ones. If you think it is going to rain and you have a raincoat in your pocket, think the same, you may be visible until the moment you put on the raincoat! Gloves and sneakers also often have details that will make you look better. Remember that the important thing is not to see, but to be seen.

3. Get used to carrying lights, day and night.

Lighting on the bike is a good idea at any time of the day or night. The small flashing lights are easy to use, do not bother or weigh and help cars see you

4. Carry out a security check on your bike.

Always check the pressure of the tires, the brakes, the locks and make sure that the transmission works correctly before leaving the house, especially if you do not use the bicycle regularly.

bicycle safety tips

5. You must always be prepared.

Better safe than sorry. Here are some items you can't forget on your outing: ID, money, fully charged cell phone, bike lock, sunglasses, sunscreen, extra lights, extra layers of clothing. And even if you are only going to make a short trip, bring a tire, demountables and a pump. You never know when you may need it.

6. Know the road safety code.

We should all be familiar with the traffic laws of the country in which we live. In most cases, you must ride your bicycle as if it were a vehicle and obey the same traffic laws as a car. However, in some areas the laws are different for cyclists. Find out and you will save yourself a lot of problems.

7. Practice, practice, practice!

If you are new to cycling, or just have a new bike, get used to the road in your neighborhood before hitting the busiest streets.

8. Learn the best local cycling routes.

Let's face it, some trails are better for cycling than others. Make sure you know the access routes so you don't have to rely on the phone or a map on your way to work or when you're training. Not only can you avoid the busiest areas, you can also take note of the best ports!

bicycle safety tips and tricks

9. Learn to signal the maneuvers!

Drivers and other cyclists cannot read your mind. At all times, signal your intention, whether to turn right or left, slow or stop, or ...

10. Be very careful with parked cars.

You should always leave a margin of at least 1 meter between your bike and a car parked along the street to avoid hitting a door that suddenly opens.

11. Stay to the correct, but not out of sight!

When driving with traffic, try to drive on the right side of the lane, as long as it does not compromise your safety. You always have to be visible, for example, if the lane is too narrow for the car to pass, it is better to position yourself towards the center of the lane, this way you will ensure that the driver does not rush in overtaking and could put you in danger. If curves compromise visibility, stay in the center until you clear that area of the route.

In the same way that you protect yourself, you must be cordial with drivers and facilitate their circulation. Getting in line when the traffic requires it, giving way to facilitate overtaking ...

bikes safety tips

12. Always alert! Stay calm and ride with confidence.

When we circulate with traffic it is not the best time to think that we are going to dinner. We have to be focused, always alert and with the 5 senses. Never assume that a driver sees you on the bike. Show yourself, if a driver makes a mistake and compromises your safety, stay calm. Getting angry will only make the situation worse. Pull over to the side of the road, catch your breath, and think about how you could prevent the situation in the future. The best way to stay safe on the road is to drive with confidence.

You got it? Well, it's time to do it! Visit us at Stead Cycles today to read more safety tips on our blog page.


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