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Tips to keep in mind when caring for an elderly person at home

One of our greatest concerns is the care that the elderly need at home, since, when our grandparents or parents reach their golden years, we want to give them the best for their enjoyment and comfort. We wonder which is better: have it at home or take it to a nursing home? It is best to provide geriatric care at home. This will bring greater comfort to the elderly and in turn, they will not have to leave their home.

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The care of each elderly person may vary depending on the alterations required, such as character, illnesses, whether or not they are a dependent person. There are also some problems of the elderly who acquire as they age, which we must consider when giving geriatric care at home.

At Connect Ability we know this, that's why we want to give you some advice on the geriatric care that we should give at home, if we decide that they stay with us.

Geriatric care according to dependency

There are different types of care depending on the degree of dependency that the elderly person has. On the one hand, there are the cases where the person has been dependent throughout his life due to congenital problems, and on the other, we find that the majority of the elderly people have been increasing dependency as the years have passed.

When is an elder dependent? If you have any physical limitation, either due to muscle or bone fragility that comes with age, it is considered dependent. Also, it is necessary to take into account the diminution of the senses such as hearing or sight. These we can say that they are the elderly who need assistance to carry their day to day, but only in an assisted way.

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Other factors that can make an elderly dependent are psychological or cognitive, such as depression, personality changes due to diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or a cerebrovascular disease. With older people, more care must be applied, usually the help of a geriatrician nurse or a caregiver is necessary.

Safety measures for geriatric care at home

When we have an elderly person in the family, before becoming dependent, they should always follow some tips for their safety when going out, but at home we must also consider certain aspects so that no accident happens. The most important to take into account are:

  • Lighting: The first thing is to maintain good light in all areas of the house, whether natural with large windows or with more access to the outside. Also, it is important to have good artificial lighting.
  • Safety in the bathroom: It is an area where the probability of accidents is higher in the elderly, so certain measures must be taken. We must prevent the floor from slipping or install support bars. It is best to have a shower tray for easy access and a dim light that stays on at night in case they need to get up to the bathroom.
  • Obstacles: Remove objects that may become an obstacle for the elderly, such as carpets or furniture that have no use.
  • Latches: We must prevent older people from locking themselves in their rooms, since in the event that something happens unexpectedly, it will not facilitate access to help you.
  • Acquire furniture that suits the elderly citizen at home, that is not low, that is resistant and comfortable.

Among geriatric care at home, it is important not to miss security measures, since even being at home accidents can occur.

8 tips for geriatric care at home

To carry out geriatric care at home, we must consider that not all elderly people suffer from the same diseases or degrees of dependence, even so there is general care that will help the elderly person when they are at home:

home care for elderly

1. When talking about geriatric care at home, the first thing is to make a plan of action with the needs of the elderly. For example, if you need medical equipment, wheelchairs, oxygen cylinder, clinical bed or if you require a special type of diet such as low-sugar, high-protein, porridge-type meals or if you tolerate a complete diet.

2. When performing geriatric care at home, it is not always easy for a single person to assume all responsibility, since, as time progresses, the elderly person will become more dependent. Therefore, it is best to hold family meetings and each one to assume responsibility for the care of the elderly or hire an internal or external caregiver with experience in caring for the elderly, who is in charge of caring for the elderly. at home by family members and their daily activities.

3. With regard to receiving support from a team of professionals, you should bear in mind that both you and the elderly person, if you need help with a specific disease that requires greater vigilance, contact an aged care support provider such as Connect Ability / or contacting an association related to your relative's illness is your solution.

4. It will be necessary to establish a routine, since, as time progresses, people adapt or establish customs and habits that we repeat frequently. Carry out a daily routine with schedules to meet, having recreational activities during the day that keep you active and energetic.

5. Medications are very important in geriatric care at home, if our elderly must take any medication due to illness or complementary to their diet. It is best to make an itinerary in a notebook to have good control and not skip any.

6. The diet of an elderly person is a link that we must keep in mind, as age advances, it is normal to lose muscle mass and fat, which can lead to weight loss or malnutrition. Establish a balanced diet, and sometimes you can supplement it with nutritional energy drinks.

7. Carry out entertainment activities. Geriatric care at home not only includes personal hygiene, food or medicine, but also activities that keep our elderly cognitively active, especially elderly with Alzheimer's or senile dementia. They can be simple walks, meetings with acquaintances, simple games, activities of the daily routine such as dressing alone, helping to organize the house, etc...

8. Finally, affection, many older people tend to fall into depression when they see that they cannot carry out the same activities as before and must have someone to support them in things that were previously easy to do. Therefore, it is important that all members of the family give him love and respect. Children and adolescents must also be educated to be patient and help them maintain high self-esteem and feel good.

With this article we list some tips on how to apply good geriatric care at home. If you need help with an elderly person, do not hesitate to contact us, at Connect Ability we have specialized personnel who will help you so that your father, mother, grandfather or grandmother, receive the best geriatric care in your home. For us the most important thing is the well-being of our elders!


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