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How to get truck driving jobs?

Have you dream a life on the road? No one watches your every move, free from the shackles of an office cubicle ... no annoying co-workers or overly controlling supervisors. When you're a trucker, it's just you, the ever-changing scenery, and whatever passive activity you choose to keep you entertained.

Of course, driving safely will be your number one approach, but you can also listen to whatever music you want, adopt a favorite radio station, read audio books, or if you are interested, you can even listen to the personal development audio. You will have plenty of time to listen to whatever you want, so you can make the most of it!

truck driving training

Plus, you get paid to travel, which is great; you will come across many interesting towns and cities and see tons of what Australia has to offer. If you load and unload your truck, you get paid to exercise too. No gym required for you.

Here are our top tips for becoming a trucker:

1. Know what you are getting into

Ask yourself why you wish to become a truck driver. Driving on the highway can seem exciting, but remember that you will also need to be prepared to drive on weekends and holidays. You will spend a lot of time away from family and friends, which could damage relationships. Ask around to see if any of your family or friends know a truck driver. Try talking to them online or in person and gain an understanding of the daily life of trucks. Then discuss what you've learned with your family before diving right in.

2. Know the requirements

You will need an LR (Light Rigid) license or higher to drive most trucks in Australia. To obtain this, you must have one year on your class "C" license with no violations. There are truck driving schools across the country that provide the required training for the following truck licenses: LR (Light Rigid), MR (Medium Rigid), HR (Heavy Rigid), and HC (Heavy Combination).

3. Decide which industry you want to target

Different industries may require different levels of training and experience. A heavy transport driver carries heavy loads such as wood and cement on the roads. Towing truck drivers can help people when their car breaks down. There are also the tipping tray companies and road trains. It could also be a livestock hauler or driving a concrete mixer or garbage truck.

heavy vehicle truck driving training

4. Familiarize yourself with the working conditions.

There are probably some aspects of being a truck driver that you just haven't considered. For example, you must keep detailed daily records of almost everything you do. Think about driving hours, breaks, stops and gas amounts, and incident reports, along with the date, time, and standard duration of trips. Then there is the probability of working early in the morning and late into the night. You will need to be prepared to handle mechanical problems, as well as to regularly check oil and water, brake performance, and tires.

5. Know what salary to expect

Salaries can vary greatly depending on the type of driving you do. As of mid-2016, the average salary for all truck drivers in Australia was $ 81,500. Hourly rates range from around $ 20 to $ 34 per hour, depending on the position, with HR and casual drivers at the lower end of the scale. At the top of the scale are MC truck drivers with end tipper experience, who can earn up to $ 50 per hour. When you have more experience and a secure track record, you can generally earn more.

6. Organize your training

truck training courses in Newcastle

There are other ways to get hired. A company may hire you and train you on the job, such as an internship, where supervisors will oversee your driving education. Or you can do an internship through TAFE. You can also attend a truck training school then apply for jobs from there. While no formal education is required, it does give you an advantage. Some TAFE locations offer a Cert III in Transportation and Logistics. This shows potential employers that you are proficient in occupational health and safety, inventory movement, and record keeping. If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact us at Chris Shilling Transport Training.


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